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  • Hello, this is your student from last summer, Jennifer, from Columbia University's Mellon Mays program. I'm just writing to let you know that, after getting accepted to 5 English PhD programs for Latina/o literature and spending about a month torturing myself over a decision, I finally chose to go to the University of Michigan this fall on the Rackham Merit Fellowship. Taking that GRE prep course with Bell Curves was not only ridiculous amounts of fun, but also totally stress- and anxiety-reducing and I felt totally prepared walking into the exam. Seriously, thanks for all your help -- and I hope next year's Columbia Mellons have at least half as much fun as we did. :)

  • I really want to thank you and the entire Bell Curves institution for everything you have taught me because it has certainly paid off. Please tell Christina as well as everyone else that I really appreciate everything that they did for me this summer.

  • The intimate classroom environment facilitated networking and support among all involved. At a cost much less than that of many other GMAT prep companies, Bell Curves easily trumps other companies in value. I am extremely thankful for all that the Bell Curves staff has done to help me attain my goal of an MBA from a top institution!

  • I began the Virtual GMAT Course with Yanique this evening. She is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a gifted and patient instructor.

  • I had pretty much given up on the GMAT after doing a full-length course and a few hours of tutoring with 2 other test prep companies. After bombing the GMAT my first time (500, Quant 27, < 20%), a tutor from one of the “top” test prep companies reasoned that math was not my forte and that I should focus solely on the verbal to increase my score. I soon realized that he was a waste of my time and money because not only was his advice crazy, we had no formal meeting place, so tutoring sessions at Starbucks weren’t really effective. Fast-forward to me walking into the BC office a total anxious wreck. I purchased tutoring hours and began working with Ajani, who, let me just say, is nothing short of amazing! After reviewing my work from just 1 practice test, he was able to identify my weaknesses and repeated mistakes. Ajani was super patient with me and never made me feel like the idiot I was making myself out to me. Even with my stupidest mistakes, he would find a takeaway point from it…AMAZING! The BC books and online material were also extremely helpful. From the books I learned new, but really simple and reliable ways to attack each question type. The online CAT quizzes and exams were the most realistic practice questions that I’ve seen. On my actual exam, for some of the questions, I was thinking, “oh…this is just like such and such question from the BC material.”One of my biggest hurdles was my fear of the exam; working with Ajani and practicing on my own with the BC material really helped overcome this fear and I walked into the exam feeling confident…for the most part. All in all, my BC experience was beyond worthwhile. I regret not starting my prep with them initially. I truly believe that I would not have been able to conquer the GMAT without them. Final score – 650…got the horrendous quant raw score up to 42.

  • The combination of peer pressure and what I felt were terribly low SAT scores made the difficult college admissions process worrisome for me. Luckily, I was introduced to the Bell Curves team and my worries quickly vanished. Comfort quickly replaced anxiety as I learned innovative strategies and techniques. As a result, my score jumped 230 points! Today I can proudly say that I attend George Washington University and would definitely recommend Bell Curves to any student looking to conquer the SAT!

  • Thank you for everything that you did to help me. I was accepted to Georgetown, Cornell, Rotman, Babson, and IESE. I am very happy! I decided to move to Cornell and am getting ready to do so!

  • Thank you for sticking by me, and for pushing me to do better. The Bell Curves team has been an invaluable asset. Not only have I gotten THE BEST assistance preparing for the GMAT, but I’ve also gotten help with other facets relevant to the B-School process. Thank you Maestro and the Bell Curves Team!

  • Bell Curves has been more than just a GMAT prep company for me. Not only did I receive expert GMAT training that helped increase my score by 90 points, but I also received helpful insights into the overall MBA application process. These insights helped me establish a framework in which I was able to successfully be admitted into two of the top worldwide MBA programs.

  • I took the GMAT again today (#5 I might add) and scored a 650!  This is a nice improvement over my highest score to date of 590.  I am pleased with the score and feel as though I did my best!!!  Thank you for all of your help man - I could not have done it without ya!!

  • Thanks to Akil and the rest of the BC team I was able to raise by GMAT score by 120 points. The information we went over in class and the answers found on the website made taking the exam much less daunting.

  • Bell Curves is nothing short of AMAZING! After struggling with the GMAT twice and repeated courses with another test prep company, I was almost convinced I had reached my apex. It wasn’t until I began working with Akil Bello that I began to see major results. The Bell Curves' method helped my score jump 130 points and I couldn’t be more grateful. Bell Curves is hands down the way to go if actionable solutions to your GMAT woes are what you need!

  • Bell Curves helped me ace the ACTs and now I will attend my first choice college.

  • I worked with Ajani Burrell as a private tutor and he was extremely personable, patient, and encouraging. Even when I reached my lowest point in the studying process, Ajani continued to provide crucial guidance to help me push towards reaching my target score. In the end, Ajani and Bell Curve's ability to provide me with a more structured preparation process made all the difference. After trying 2 other GMAT prep companies, Ajani and Bell Curves provided exactly what I needed to break 700 on the GMAT.

  • I'd like to thank you [Jennifer O] for your help.  My SAT score improved from a 1560 (math-500, critical reading-560,writing-500 with a 6 on the essay) to an 1880 (critical reading-660,writing-620,math-600 with a 8 on the essay). I'm really happy with the improvement  Honestly, I didn't expect an almost 100 point improvement in every section. It went really well, and I just want to say thank you again.

  • Thank you so much! I feel like I have a game plan. The ten pages I did on perms and combs from the Quant manual have laid out quite a simple and clear foundation, so I look forward to my GMAT challenge!

  • Thank you so much for your visit today. Your presentation made it evident that our school needs to plan more effectively to incorporate strategies and awareness around the SAT and ACT. The helpful test taking strategies made our students realize they can achieve a higher score simply through familiarity with the test structure and scoring practices.  This workshop helped reduce test anxiety and gave students the information they need to strategically plan and set goals for attending the college of their choice. Your participation with our staff and students helped solidify the college going culture that we are trying to build at our school!

  • I'd like to sing praises to Akil, Bell Curves and most of all HASHIM! I know I was a difficult student, but your headaches were not in vain! So far I've been accepted to Darden, Fuqua, Stern and Tuck!!!

  • Thanks so much for bringing Bell Curves to Atlanta. I am happy to report a 110-point increase in my score since taking your class! You guys rock!  

  • The GMAT is the ultimate hurdle to b-school, but Bell Curves provides a solid and customizable blueprint that makes the hurdle significantly less daunting. Bell Curves provides whatever you need, and they have a talented team of standardized testing experts that will diagnose your learning style to give you the customized instruction needed to beat the GMAT. My score improved by 150 points!

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