The GMAT Experience Vol. 1

The GMAT Experience – prologue

I am a devout test taker and a renowned slacker with aspirations to be a writer of bad science fiction, so forgive me if I ramble. In this summary I am recording my experience taking the GMAT, hopefully it will inform, amuse, and educate.

The GMAT Experience – legal

When reading this the proverbial grain of salt must be taken. The experience of one standardized-test-loving slacker is not reflective of all test takers. The ability of the test-taker mentioned in this commentary to control whether he selects a correct or incorrect answer is much greater than that of the average test taker.

The GMAT Experience

It was a sunny day in Brooklyn NY and I got up on time for my appointment at 12:30 on Remsen Street. I took a cab to Court Street and then went looking for the building.

I walk into the building and go up to the 6th floor where I’m met by no one, though I do see to my left a room with several young children (being the astute adult that I am I realize that they are not taking the GMAT). After wandering further up the hall, a lovely young lady comes out of a second room and signs me in, telling me to leave all my belongings in a locker clearly marked “not responsible for items left”. Stay with me this has a point.

After parting with my worldly goods I enter the room to clear security. I have my picture taken digitally, I verify my information, I fill out a paragraph that attests that I will not share specific test questions and I’m ready to go. I’m given 2 Prometrics pencils and told I’m not allowed to take in my wooden Bell Curves pencils, I’m also give 6 sheets of yellow paper and told to count them to verify its actually six. I ask for a third pencil and get it, woo hoo. Anyway, I’m taken into the room where several people are furiously typing, sat down at a computer and told I can start. Stay with me this has a point.

The GMAT Experience – The master plan

Now comes the fun and amazement. My plan going into the test was to get the best possible score I could without getting a super hard test. With this brilliant strategy in mind I estimate I can score around a 40 on the math. Well, I executed my plan for the math then I moved on to my verbal plan.

The strategy for verbal was slightly different. I like the verbal, find the sentences amusing when the grammar causes illogical things. The only part of the verbal I don’t like is the Reading Comp. So my strategy focused on maximizing my gain from my strengths and minimizing the loss from my weaknesses (grain of salt warning).

The GMAT Experience Statistics


51% PS 49% DS approximately

Maybe as much as 7 or 8 of first 10 were Data Sufficiency.

Basic Operation and Number Properties





3 or 4

Statistics (median, standard deviation, probability and combination)

3 or 4




SC: 15

RC: 13 (2 passages of 44 lines each approx. 5 words per line, 58 lines, 77 lines)

CR: 10

Questions 2 – 4 were RC. There were 2 passages that were presented back to back, which gave about 7 consecutive reading comp questions one bolded phrase argument but other than that standard fair in Critical reasoning and Sentence Correction.

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